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Connecting to a Server

Before the SupportWindow Client will do you any good, you will need to have a running server to connect it to. See the SupportWindow Server help file for an explanation on how to setup a server component.

The running server will have an IP address and port associated with it that you will need to know in order to connect. Assuming you have already set up a server and have this information, with the Client open, simply click on the button marked with a plus "+" sign. It is near the top of the application next to the connections drop down box. This is the way to "Add" a connection to your connection list. In the New Connection dialog box, enter the port number of the Server, enter a user friendly name for your connection, this is the name you will later see in the drop down box, and the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the server. When you're satisfied you have entered the information correctly click "OK". If you make a mistake, select the bad entry from the drop down box and click on the minus "-" button to delete it and start over. There is no way to edit a bad entry. In the future you only need to pick this connection by name from the drop down box and the appropriate port number and IP address will be entered for you. 

Next fill in your user name and password that the server is requiring for you to connect. The  and password cannot be saved with the connection for security reasons, so they must be entered each time you wish to connect.

That's it, you're ready to go. You are now free to open either a Remote Desktop Control Session, a File Operation Session or a Chat Session or all three with the remote server. See the rest of the help file for the individual operations that you can perform with the server connection.