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Opening a Remote Control Session

Once you have entered the connection information to a server, all you need do to establish a remote control session is click the "Control" button near the bottom. If your connection properties are correct, you will immediately see a Window filling with the contents of the remote server's desktop view like the one below. 

You will notice that when the screen opens with a dialog box in the middle. This dialog box is an announcement on the remote server that a remote session has been opened. Anyone sitting at that machine will see this and know that you have started a session. What address you have started it from and how to terminate it.


Also note there is a small window in the upper right portion of the remote desktop that displays a session window. This will remain visible as long as you are connected in a remote control session.


Note that this window also displays your IP address along with the time you have been in session and whether the session is encrypted or not. Since encryption is always determined by the server component in SupportWindows, you do not have control of it from the Client application. Therefore this serves as a notice and reminder about whether encryption is in play or not.

At the top of main remote desktop you see the panel with all the most common controls readily available. A few "advanced buttons" can be enabled by clicking from the "Settings" button menu. These buttons will then be added to main panel. You probably won't ever need them but they are there if you wish to try them out.

see Remote Functions