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If you are having a remote control session with a computer that has a complex wallpaper on it's desktop, you may find performance severely degraded. This is due to the fact that the wallpaper has much more information in it and graphics compression does not work efficiently with complex graphics. On the "Settings" menu there is an option to hide wallpaper. Try this first, if it doesn't hide the wallpaper it is because windows on the remote machine is using Active Desktop to display the wallpaper. This is now very common. To hide the wallpaper in this instance, right click on an open area of the remote desktop and click the "Active Desktop" option to deselect it. The wallpaper should now disappear and performance should increase. Wallpaper will not come back automatically when you close your session, you should either click "Show Wallpaper" from the "Settings" menu or Right click on the remote desktop and click the "Active Desktop" to re enable active desktop.