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Welcome to the SupportWindow Console help system.

The SupportWindow Console is the central piece to an elegant matrix of software components specifically designed to make life easy for support staff and users alike. Every detail was conceived to streamline the process of getting support to the users without the necessity of complicated instructions and installations or firewall configurations. Unique to SupportWindow is also the capability to put remote users into a Presentation mode where a console operator can display his desktop to one or more remote users to do demonstrations as well as a time accounting system that can be set up with a CGI application available from SupportWindow to store and meter time and session records. This allows the capability to sell support time to persons you don't know. The time is paid for in advance through the PayPal online payment system and metered out in sessions. The CGI application can take instant payment notification from the PayPal server and you can begin online support to a new customer, knowing they have already paid, all within a few seconds!

Don't want to sell to strangers? That's ok. If you support regular business customers, the time system gives you a way to sell blocks of time through your regular invoicing system and track how much of that time has been used. You can set a minimum session time for all support requests that will automatically be charged on each session. 

Features Include:
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • File operations
  • Chat
  • Presentations
  • Time Metering
  • Session Logging and Reporting
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Compression 
  • Connection Optimization
  • Remote Management
  • Full Time Server Monitoring (including logon,logoff and reboot)
  • Welcome Messages (both board open and board closed)
  • Extremely Flexible Licensing

    This screen shot shows a Console with 5 connected servers being monitored and 2 connected SupportWindow Hosts that have been put into a Presentation session.