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Creating a Connection List

A nice feature of SupportWindow is it's ability to automatically pass connection lists to new SupportWindow Hosts when they connect. This allows an organization to have multiple Consoles running in different departments and all the user need do is pick the appropriate user friendly name from the drop down box and the proper IP address and port are automatically filled in for them and a meaningful label is displayed on the face of the SupportWindow Host. The generic SupportWindow Host is designed to connect to a running Console at Bytewiser Data Systems. If the user enters no connection information and clicks "Connect to Support"  they will normally just get either an open or closed Welcome Message. For a nominal fee, Bytewiser Data Systems, Inc. will create a custom SupportWindow Host for your organization that has your initial Console connection information built in. Otherwise your clients can enter your connection information manually the first time. After that, if you have configured a Connection List, the list will control the default connection and any others you have created. The manually entered information in the Host is not saved.

To create a new connection

From the Setup menu select "Connection List" the 
connection list dialog opens. Shown below.

From this dialog you can either create a new connection list item or modify or delete an existing one. By default, the first existing entry in the list is displayed. Note that the new connection dialog displays the way things will actually look on the right side and allows changing the entries on the left side. To see the way your entries are actually applied, click the "Apply" button. This is useful for testing how your label will be displayed on the user's host when they select this entry.  To change to a different entry in the list simply select it by name in the drop down list on the right portion of the dialog. 

To delete the currently displayed entry, click "Delete".
To create a new entry Click "Add" and fill in all the information in the boxes then click "Apply" to create it.

When users connect that have previously connected and already downloaded a list, the modified dates of your new list are compared to the date their last list was obtained. If your new list date is newer, it will be downloaded and replace their existing list. In this way you can maintain your users connection list merely by updating the connection list in your console.