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Create Welcome Messages

It's nice to give your users a simple message when they first connect to your system, to acknowledge that they have connected. SupportWindow Console allows you to create a Welcome Message to display when your Console is Open, and a different one to display when your Console is Closed.  SupportWindow includes a simple message built in, but you will want to create and format your own custom messages. To do so,  click on Setup/Messages/ then Open or Closed Message. Edit the existing message then click "Ok" to save it. SupportWindow uses Rich Text Format for these messages, so you may create colorful messages and include web links for your users. To bring up format options, highlight the text you wish to format then right click. You may also create or edit your messages with any Rich Text Format editor like MS Word or Wordpad. If you use MS Word, be sure to save it as a RTF type document. These files are named WelcomeMsg.rtf and ClosedMsg.rtf, they are created automatically the first time you view them in the Console and they are saved in the main application folder. The SupportWindow Console displays the messages exactly as your users will view them.

Turn Welcome Messages on or off.