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Configuring Time Accounting

The only things that need to be configured in the SupportWindow Console to enable Time Accounting are the URLs and the SiteCode. There are two URLs, the Server URL and Notify Url on the "Setup" menu. These URL addresses will only be known after you have configured a SupportWindow CGI server. See the CGI documentation for more information. 

The SiteCode is an identifier that multiple consoles within your organization can share. When time is entered into the CGI database for a particular customer, it is also purchased FOR an particular Console or Site. So a company running multiple Consoles, will share a SiteCode and in this way, a user who has purchased support time will have that time available no matter which Console they connect to within that site.

It is important to note, that the user of the SupportWindow Host need know or enter nothing of any of this. When a SupportWindow Host connects to a Console, all information that is needed by the host to purchase time for that Console is supplied automatically by the Console settings. Therefore, a single host is perfectly capable of connecting to  multiple SupportWindow Consoles being run by different companies with different pricing structures, and purchase and use time from any of them seamlessly and without interference. All they need do is pick the support console they wish to connect to from their drop down list, and go. Their available minutes will be automatically returned from that console.