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Configuring Site Codes

SupportWindow uses a combination of unique and common identifiers for it's components. Each SupportWindow Host, Service and Console has a completely unique identifier which cannot be changed, this is central to the system. Each also has a property called a SiteCode which can be changed and therefore allows units to be grouped for various purposes. If you are not using Time Accounting then there is probably no need to concern yourself with SiteCodes. However, if you do decide to use configure and use Time Accounting, then SiteCodes will almost certainly need to be configured. 

There are basically two types of SiteCodes one is the Console's SiteCode and is used to group consoles together so that when a Host or Service can connect to two different consoles within the same organization, the same time records are returned from the database from each console. By default, each console uses it's own unique identifier as it's site code, this is fine when only one console exists in a given organization. When a second console is added however, you should copy the existing Console's SiteCode and enter it as the new Console's SiteCode. To change the site code for a console, Click on "Site Code" from the Setup menu:


As you can see in the above screen shot, both the Console's unique identifier and SiteCode are displayed. Simply enter a new SiteCode and Click on "OK". SiteCodes must be at least 10 characters in length. This is to help eliminate the possibility of overly simplified SiteCodes being accidentally the same. We strongly suggest you copy the original SiteCode from the first console and use IT as the SiteCode in subsequent Console installations.

The other type of SiteCode is that used in SupportWindow Hosts and Services. These SiteCodes also default to the same value as the unique identifier. These SiteCodes however are used to identify computers within an organization as a group. This allows these computers to all work from the same pool of minutes in the CGI database. These SiteCodes can either be set from their respective applications or by the Console operator. While it is convenient for a Console operator to set a SiteCode, they should only do it with knowledge and approval of their respective customer. Because these units can connect to other Consoles, changing their SiteCodes could affect their ability to retrieve proper time records from those Consoles. In a perfect world, a customer would install all their own Services and Hosts and set their SiteCodes the same when doing so. The ability to change them from the Console is very useful however if you are the only help provider for this customer, simply right click on a connected SupportWindow Host or Service, and click "View" to view their SiteCode or "Set" to set it. If you have several connected and wish to make them all the same, Simply view the one you want to use for all the others and hit the Ctrl/C keyboard key combination then select each of the others and click "Set" then click your mouse in the SiteCode box and hit the Ctrl/V keyboard key combination to paste the Copied code into the box. Click "OK" to finish. Continue setting the other connected Hosts and Services as needed.