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Licensing Options

SupportWindow incorporates a very flexible and cost effect plan. For the purpose of describing licensing "clients" refer to SupportWindow Hosts and SupportWindow Services. By combining both static client licenses with Subscription (per seat) licenses an administrator can choose just the right licensing solution for their organization. All licenses are applied only to the Console running on a given computer or Per Seat. Support Console registration includes 5 static client licenses. You may purchase more static licenses through the console itself or from our online store. Licenses must be installed on the Console installation for which they were purchased. When a Console operator opens a remote session with a connected client, the unique identifier for that host or service is checked against the Console's license file to see if it has been issued a license for that console. If not, the operator is given an option to license the connection or not. If the operator chooses to issue a license then that license is permanently assigned to that connected Client and removed from the Console's list of available licenses. Static licenses are cheap, especially when purchased in bulk and a good choice for Clients that are connected to regularly. Subscription licensing is done on a per seat basis and are sold per 30day period and on various levels. Each level allows a different number of unique connections per day to that Console.  When a Console operator opens a remote session to a Host or Service the Console first checks to see if a static license has already been issued to that client, if it has then nothing more is done. If not, it next checks to see if there is a subscription in place and if so, if there is an available subscription license in that day's pool if so, it automatically issues one and the session continues, if not it will ask the operator if he wishes to issue a static license if one is available. When a client is issued a subscription license for the day, that license stays in effect for that client for the entire day. If that client reconnects that day, the existing license is automatically reused.

Subscription licenses are available in "3", "10", "20" and "Unlimited" numbers of unique client sessions per day. If a Console is using an unlimited subscription, it also follows that there is no need for static licenses on that Console. A Session does not start when a SupportWindow Host or Service connects to the Console, a session only starts when the Console operator opens a remote session on that connection, therefore it is always under the operators control.

To issue a static license to a Host or Service when a subscription is active, an operator can right click on the client connection and select "Issue Static License" , if a static license is available it will be issued and then connecting to that client will not use up a subscription license.

The number of licenses available and in use is displayed in the Console's central display panel. If a subscription is active, it is the default display shown. To toggle between showing the static and subscription display click on the "Toggle" link at the bottom of the panel.

Subscriptions can be purchased directly through the Console's licensing menu. This automated process will guide the user through the purchase and installation of the subscription. 

When a subscription is purchased that upgrades an existing subscription from a lower number of unique connections, the value of the remaining days of the existing subscription is computed based on the cost per day of the existing subscription. That value is then added as additional days to the new subscription on the basis of cost per day of the new subscription.