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Log Reporting

SupportWindow allows you to create simple reports on the logs created when Logging is enabled. 

The SupportWindow Log displays information about sessions and Time Accounting. The log and reporting function can be useful even if Time Accounting is not configured. When enabled, the Log will record Sessions and group them by SiteCode. The Date, SiteCode, Address, Session Time, and actual start and stop time of the Session are recorded.
To create/view a report Select "Reports/Select Log" from the main menu.
SupportWindow automatically saves logs as SupportWindow.log, select this file from the Open file dialog and a grid showing all entries in the log file will be displayed.

You may click on a column header to sort the grid according to contents of that column. 

Filter by date:
You may put a check in the checkbox next to "Only this date" to filter the grid contents to only the date of the currently selected row entry.

Filter by user id:
You may put a check in the checkbox next to "Only this user code" to filter the grid contents to display only those entries that match the identifier of the currently selected row.

To display a summary report grouped by user id first click on the  column to sort the contents then click on "Summary". You can view and print the report which displays the date, user id, connection information and session time.  

The SupportWindow.log file is a simple text file. It would be wise to keep it from growing too large. To do so, simply delete or rename the existing file. The SupportWindow Console will automatically create a new file to replace the missing one. Attempts to delete portions of the file will most likely corrupt the entire file and render it useless. Best practice is to rename the file by putting some sort of date identifier in the name like SW-11-30-04.log for a log containing entries for the month of November, in this way you can keep a historical series of logs without letting the file grow too large.