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Welcome to the SupportWindow Host from Bytewiser Data Systems. 
This small application is designed to give fast, safe and easy access to an online support desk. There is very little you need to know to use it successfully. 

If the version you have downloaded is a custom install that was built to supply and address list to the board you are trying to connect to then all you need do is pick the Console name from the list and click on "GO" at the right of the application window to connect. If you are not using a custom installer for this board then the board operator must give you the address and port number for you to enter to connect the first time. To enter this information "Manual Connection" from the address list and click "GO". A  dialog box will automatically open. Enter the port number you have been give and replace anything in the address box with the address you have been given and click "OK". The Host will now try to connect to that address.

When you successfully connect, the word "Disconnected" in the middle of the window will change to "Connected". If the SupportWindow Console operator has configured a welcome message it will be displayed when you first connect.

If the Console operator has configured an address list, this will be downloaded upon your first connection. An address list will consist of a user friendly name that will appear in the drop down box in your host and the associated port number and IP address to use for that connection. On subsequent connections all you would need do is select the name of the Console you wish to connect to and press "GO". 

Once you are connected, the Console operator will be able to open a remote desktop control session where they can see your desktop and operate your computer, a file operation session where they can manage files on your computer, a chat session or all three. They will not need a password to do this, by connecting to their Console you are giving them explicit right to do so. If this is not what you intend, you should not connect. To disconnect you can simply close the application. The SupportWindow Host will not run in the background or start automatically when you don't intend for it to. It requires your active participation to make a connection.