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Support Sessions

A Support session starts when an operator of a SupportWindow Console either opens a remote desktop control session, a file operation, or a chat session. The SupportWindow Host allows you to get help from remote staff, it does not however allow you control of anything other than starting and stopping the connection. You can always terminate the session if you chose by simply closing the application. If the Console operator decides to initiate a Chat session with you, you will immediately get a chat window on your screen, shown below.

Message you or the Console operator type are displayed in the top portion of the chat window when sent. You type your messages into the bottom window and press the "Enter" key to send.

Note that the chat window shows if the session is encrypted or not, also the Green border around the top panel changes to Red if the session is not encrypted. The encryption setting is controlled by the Console and you cannot change it.

When a remote desktop control session starts, you will get a dialog in the middle of your screen announcing it along with the IP address  of the remote operator. While a remote desktop control session is in progress you will see a small window in the upper right of your screen that displays the IP address of the remote operator, encryption status and session time. This helps serve as a reminder that someone is watching, lest you forget! You can terminate the session by right clicking on this window and click "End Session".