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Time Accounting

The SupportWindow Console and Host have a built in time metering system. When creating the SupportWindow System, we thought it might be helpful for users to be able to purchase professional support time and for Support staff to be able to sell such without needing to have pre existing accounts and billing systems. The time metering system exists within the SupportWindow Console and SupportWindow Host applications, but may or may not be enabled on any given console. If the console you are connecting to is a commercial console with this system setup and functioning, then you can purchase support time in 30 and 60 minute blocks directly through the SupportWindow Host. Each commercial console keeps it's own time records in a database driven by a CGI application available through SupportWindow. The time purchase system is setup to use credit card payment through the PayPal online payment system. The entire system allows for you to purchase support time and have it metered out over various support sessions. This allows for complete strangers to sell and purchase support time safely. There is no requirement for the console to use this system, the time indicators will simply not function. The session time can still be displayed, but no record accounting is kept and available time is not indicated. If the time system IS used all accounting, time pricing, minimum session times and contractual issues are completely between the Console operator and their customer. SupportWindow is not involved in any way. Please contact your console operator for specifics.