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Other Components

This is a brief description of the SupportWindow System components and their functions.

SupportWindow Client
   Used for making outgoing connections to either a SupportWindow Server or Service or to remotely    administer a SupportWindow Console.

SupportWindow Server
  Used to answer incoming connections from a SupportWindow Client

SupportWindow Console
  Used to receive incoming connections from running SupportWindow Services and SupportWindow Hosts.

Once a connection has been received, the Console operator can remotely control and administer that machine. Any number of incoming connections can be maintained for easy administration of remote users and servers. If the presentation capability has been registered, the operator can send individual and groups of SupportWindow Hosts into presentation mode where they will be able to view (but not interact with) the operator's desktop. This is useful for software demonstrations, etc.

SupportWindow Host
  Used explicitly as a simple, low overhead application that a user can download and connect to support staff without configuration or firewall issues. Once connected, the Console operator can open a remote desktop session, chat or file operation with the host. The Host can also be sent to a presentation mode letting the remote user view the Console operator's screen display.