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There are only a couple of things you need to configure in order to run the SupportWindow Server. The server will automatically listen for connections on all IP addresses that have been configured on the PC and they will be listed in the drop down box automatically when you start the application. The Server automatically listens on port number 1974 unless you change it. The only other things that are required are a user name and password that the SupportWindow Client will need to enter to authenticate and connect. The only requirement is that they cannot be blank. If you try to start the server without entering them, you will get a message that they are required. Select if you wish connections to use encryption or not. We highly recommend that you allow SupportWindow to use encryption, which is the default setting. Click the "Start" button to start the server. The server is now ready to accept incoming connections. If you are using a router/firewall and you wish to connect to this PC from the Internet see Firewall Configuration.