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Important Notes

Other than starting and stopping the SupportWindow Server, there in no more interaction required. You can click to "Minimize" button to send the application to the Windows tray where it will be out of the way. The SupportWindow Server is an application, so it will not survive a logoff or restart from a remote computer. This is a limitation of Windows and not the application. For this reason the SupportWindows Server can be run on Windows98 machines. If you need this capability as well as the capability to automatically start and listen for connections when the machine reboots, you will need to run Windows NT, 2000 or XP and use the SupportWindow Service instead.

Encryption is controlled by the server, the Client will automatically adjust and use the server's settings. 

When a Client opens a remote desktop control session, the server application is automatically sent to the windows tray and returns when the Client remote session disconnects.