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Before starting the service it is necessary to decide how the Service is to be used. It can make an outgoing connection to a SupportWindow Console or it can answer incoming connections from a SupportWindow Client or both. 

Click on the Edit button to configure the Service settings.

If you wish for the Service to answer incoming connections, fill in  all the entries under "Server Settings".
First enter the port you wish for the Service to listen on. The Service will automatically listen on this port on all IP addresses configured on this machine. If this computer is behind a firewall, you will need to ensure that your Router/Firewall forwards incoming requests for this port to this machine if you wish it to be available from the Internet. 

The Use Encryption checkbox determines whether or not incoming connections use 256 bit encryption. It is enabled by default and we suggest you use it.  When connecting to a Console, the Console's encryption setting determines whether the session is encrypted or not.  more

Next enter a user name and password to use to authenticate an incoming connection from a SupportWindow Client. Do NOT use a windows account user and password for this. All connecting Clients will use the same username and password to connect. Once connected, you may have them login to Windows with normal Windows authentication credentials. more

That is all you need to do to configure incoming connections.

Next, if you wish for your Service to make an outgoing connection to a SupportWindow Console, simply fill in the IP address and port number that the Console listens on. 

When you are done making changes click the "Save Changes" button. 

Finally Start the service.

After this, the SupportWindow Service is self maintaining.

Important Notes about using the Service