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When the SupportWindow Service is first installed, it will not have been registered. There are two ways to obtain and install the registration code. Either method requires that you Launch the Executive
The first and easiest way is to simply press the "Purchase" button and follow the on screen prompts. The application will automatically display the most recent pricing information and guide you to the PayPal secure online site to purchase the registration (you do not need a PayPal account to purchase this way). After your purchase is complete, the application can automatically retrieve and install the new key code for you. This normally only takes a few seconds. If for any reason the automated system is delayed, the new key code will also be e-mailed to the account given to PayPal and you may use the alternative method to install your registration code. 

The second way is to record the Product Key from the display box in the Executive, then use your web browser to go to the SupportWindow Online Store. Use this Product Key when ordering the unlock code for this installation of the SupportWindow Service. It is unique, and the unlock code will not work on any other installation of the SupportWindow Service. 

Once you have purchased the Registration Code from the SupportWindow website return to the Executive screen and enter the code into the Reg Code box. Press the "Register" button, you will receive a confirmation that the product has been registered. If you fail to register within the allotted trial period, the Service will stop functioning. However, the Service must be running in order to register it, so if the service has stopped functioning, it will allow you to restart it for at least five minutes to provide time to complete the registration process. If you fail to complete the process within that time, the service will stop responding and you will have to stop and restart it to complete the process.