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Important Notes

A few important things to keep in mind about the SupportWindow Service. 

SupportWindow Service is an extremely powerful component because it is a service application that starts automatically when Windows starts. This allows for unattended remote login to Windows. If you have configured an outgoing connection to a SupportWindow Console, this connection will automatically be re-established when Windows starts or if the network connection has been broken. If a connection to a console has been interrupted, the Service will make several rapid attempts to reconnect and then if unsuccessful, it will continue trying at approximately 2 minute intervals. For this reason, if a Console connection becomes permanently invalid, you should edit the configuration by removing the remote port and address information and restart the service to stop the connection attempts.  

When using encryption, the username and password used for SupportWindow Client logins is encrypted, when not using encryption, they are sent in clear text. The encryption algorithm is very efficient and we have found little to be gained by disabling it, so we suggest that you use it.

The SupportWindow Executive, is not the same thing as the Service itself. It is an application that talks to the Service and makes configurations changes. It does not need to run ever, except when making changes. 

When connecting to a SupportWindow Console, no username or password is exchanged. Since you are the one making the connection, you are explicitly granting access to your machine by the console operator. This connection however, does not give YOU any access to the Console machine. This type of connection is generally intended for authorized IT support of servers by trusted staff. When a Console operator opens a remote session with your service, the operator can use a normal Windows account to login and operate with the machine if you have provided one. If you leave the machine logged in with a user account then when a console operator accesses the machine, he will have whatever rights this account has. This effect is the same as if an administrator walks away from his or her machine while logged in. Anyone sitting down at this computer will be able to work with administrative privilege. If this is not what you intend, you should not make the connection.  

Because the SupportWindow Service runs all the time, it is not the appropriate component to use for an occasional support issue or session. The SupportWindow System provides the SupportWindow Host component and the SupportWindow Server component to perform this sort of task. The SupportWindow Host can make an outgoing connection to a SupportWindow Console in the same manner that the service can, but it is an application that requires human presence to connect and it cannot survive a reboot or logoff without a person to reconnect it to the console. The SupportWindow Server component runs as an application not a service, so it can answer incoming Client Requests like the Service can, but is subject to the same types of limitations that the SupportWindow Host is.   

All SupportWindow Components come with a 30 day free trial period. After which time all but the SupportWindow Client and SupportWindow Host will become inoperative if not registered.