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Site Codes

Site Codes are used to group computers that connect to Consoles. Every outgoing connection whether it be from a SupportWindow Service or SupportWindow Host, uniquely identifies itself. Certain Console functions however, need computers to be grouped. For instance if the Console operator wishes to report on time spent for a specific customer, then all that customer's computers should be using the same SiteCode. Site Codes become very important if the Console is running the commercial time services CGI. By using SiteCodes a Console owner can sell a block of time to customer and have it parsed and available for all computers within that customer's company. The SiteCode can either be set from the Console it is connecting to or from the Executive itself. When not explicitly set, the site code will default to a unique number that is the combination of the Product Key and Registration Key. You should never just invent a SiteCode.  Always copy a default SiteCode from one installation and make THAT the SiteCode for all other installations. If you are not connecting to a Console that requires the use of SiteCodes, you may ignore them altogether. If you connecting to a commercial SupportWindow System that requires SiteCodes, you should discuss with them their policy and how to set them. More discussion of SiteCodes is available in the SupportWindow Console Help file.