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Celebrate with us! Welcome to SupportWindow! Our new home is up and running. To celebrate, we're offering a 6 month free "Starter" subscription with registration of a Console. We will be adding more site features and documents in the near future, so check back frequently.

One of SupportWindow's many assets is it's flexible and affordable licensing scheme. SupportWindow allows software developers and IT administrators to deploy the SupportWindow Host at no charge what so ever. This means that the Host can be freely downloaded or bundled along with a developer's software and thereby be available for instant support access on demand! The SupportWindow Host comes as a download on this site packaged in an installer, an installation process is not strictly required however. A software vendor may choose simply to package the host application, with an address file along with their own software and the Host  application will run without install and from any folder on a user's hard drive! See documentation for details on how to do this it's very simple. 

In order to make this possible, we license SupportWindow Hosts at the Console. This means that there is no cost to support a given machine until you actually need to do so. When a Console operator decides to start a remote session with a particular connected Host, that Host must be licensed for that Console. The operator will issue a license from the console's license pool and the session will commence. There are two types of client licenses. One is a static license and the other is a subscription license. A Console may employ either or both. Static licensing of a host works best when you connect to a certain Host machine frequently such as the case with server monitoring.  Static licenses are per Seat and so require a separate license on each Console that a given Host is to be managed from. Static licenses are very cheap when purchased in bulk. Subscription licenses work best when your need is to connect to a large number of different Hosts and seldom the same Host twice, they come in various packages that are defined by the number of unique Hosts that may be entered in session on any given day. If you have an unlimited Subscription license, then there is no need to use static licenses in any case. Subscriptions are per Seat, so a separate subscription is needed for each Console machine. If an operator issues a static license to a Host, then connections to that Host will not affect the Console's Subscription license pool. All licensing and program registration can be purchased directly through the SupportWindow Console's interface itself.          



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