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Celebrate with us! Welcome to SupportWindow! Our new home is up and running. To celebrate, we're offering a 6 month free "Starter" subscription with registration of a Console. We will be adding more site features and documents in the near future, so check back frequently.

SupportWindow Current Pricing Schedule

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Application Registration Fees

SupportWindow Client

SupportWindow Host FREE
SupportWindow Server $25.00
SupportWindow Service $39.00
SupportWindow Console (basic) $49.00
SupportWindow Console with Presentation Mode $98.00
Presentation Mode (requires basic Console registration) $49.00


Cost Per Month 

Starter- 3 unique hosts per day $5.00  6 month minimum
Economy- 10 unique hosts per day $9.00 6 month minimum
Professional- 20 unique hosts per day $20.00 6 month minimum
Enterprise- Unlimited hosts per day $39.00

Static Client License Packs

SupportWindow 5 License Pack $99.00
SupportWindow 10 License Pack $149.00
SupportWindow 25 License Pack $249.00
SupportWindow 100 License Pack $899.00

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