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Celebrate with us! Welcome to SupportWindow! Our new home is up and running. To celebrate, we're offering a 6 month free "Starter" subscription with registration of a Console. We will be adding more site features and documents in the near future, so check back frequently.

SupportWindow Application Descriptions

All SupportWindow products have a minimum 30 day Free trial!

SupportWindow is a matrix of applications that work together to provide a complete remote desktop control and file sharing solution regardless of individual needs. By making each component available individually and registering them separately, our users are able to purchase only that which they need. Below is a brief description of each component. You can get in-depth information about each application either by downloading the application's help file from our downloads page or through our online web help system. Of course if you don't find the information you require, you may also send us a message through our Contacts page. All help files are also included in the application setup files and will be automatically installed with the applications.  (pricing details)

SupportWindow Client- Registration- Free Used in both personal and business installations, it is used to connect to and control any of the SupportWindow Server or Service products as well as to login and administer the SupportWindow Console. (view screenshot)  

SupportWindow Server- Registration- Per installation Used primarily in personal applications where a user needs to be able to access a home PC from work or vice-versa. (view screenshot)

SupportWindow Service- Registration- Per installation Used primarily in business applications to connect servers to SupportWindow Consoles for full time server monitoring. Allows the servers to remain behind firewalls without opening ports. These units automatically reconnect to their consoles after network interruptions and allow full control of the server including logon, logoff and reboot. May also be used to receive incoming connections from SupportWindow Clients similar to SupportWindow Server only allows logon and logoff and reboot. Requires NT4.0, Windows 2000 or XP (view screenshot)

SupportWindow Console- Registration- Per installation Used solely as the primary support desk application. This unit allows connections from the SupportWindow Host and the SupportWindow Service. When a Host or Service is connected, the console operator may take control of that machine and open remote desktop control sessions, file sessions, chat sessions or send a SupportWindow Host into a presentation if Presentation Mode has also been registered. Connections to Consoles also require a client license. These may be static or subscription licenses or any combination of the two. See Licensing for details. Registration of the Console includes 5 static client licenses. (see licensing) (view screenshot)

SupportWindow Presentation Mode- Registration- Per installation Actually a module of the SupportWindow Console this allows a console operator to send any connected SupportWindow Host into a presentation where the Host user will be able to view the console operator's desktop. Perfect for software demonstrations and training. Multiple Hosts may view the same presentation simultaneously.  

SupportWindow Host- Registration- Free Used solely to distribute to users for connecting to a SupportWindow Console. The Host has no capabilities other than to initiate a connection to a Console. This is the mechanism that allows users one touch access to support through firewalls. Since the Host user initiates the connection firewalls are not an issue. Once connected the Console operator takes over. This application is required to view Console Presentations. When a Console is configured with an address list, the Host will automatically download and install the address list so that those Console addresses can be accessed simply by picking the Console name from a list. This removes the need for instructions to users on typing in addresses, as well as typing errors. In organizations where many internal help experts are running different consoles, they can all incorporate the same list. In this way, any user within the organization may connect to any of their internal experts easily. 
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