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Celebrate with us! Welcome to SupportWindow! Our new home is up and running. To celebrate, we're offering a 6 month free "Starter" subscription with registration of a Console. We will be adding more site features and documents in the near future, so check back frequently.

SupportWindow's solutions for business take a straight forward approach to meeting the real world needs of busy support professionals.


SupportWindow Helps Software Developers- by providing a SupportWindow Host that is free to deploy, a software developer can make sure that every installation of their software is accessible online when it's needed. Licensing is only invoked when a remote session is started so there is no big buy in to start up. Although our downloadable SupportWindow Host comes with an installer, no installation is actually required. This means a developer can freely package it with his software so it's ready when needed. By providing a custom address file, the user only needs to select the developer's address from the dropdown box and press one button to connect to the developer's Support Console - that means no misunderstandings or explanations. SupportWindow is firewall friendly, so nearly anyone with Internet access is just one click away! 


SupportWindow Helps IT Administrators- by providing a really low cost highly efficient and easy to use package, SupportWindow decreases the time to problem resolution. There is simply no reason to not have every PC even in a large network environment that is not one click away from real time support. Our support for full time server monitoring allows a support desk person to monitor servers throughout the world with full control over them. That means, control to perform maintenance updates, virus scans and reboots, with connections automatically resumed and there is no need to open any ports to those servers either! To control remote servers, all a desk operator need do is click on it from the connection list and go! 


SupportWindow Helps Sales- with our unique presentation mode, now it's possible to display your desktop to others! No need to install your application on your customer's PC just to demonstrate features, just have them install our free SupportWindow Host and you can demo anything, even to groups of users at a time! 


SupportWindow Helps Business Be More Productive- how often is it necessary for one person within your organization to demonstrate simple software procedures to others? Through the SupportWindow Console a manager or instructor can group users to demonstrate these functions, even if they're not in the same country.  


SupportWindow Helps Everybody- by keeping the pricing reasonable and providing multiple licensing plans, SupportWindow puts high performance real time support within everyone's reach regardless of the size of the company or the number of users. With our full 30 day no risk, no hassle, no restrictions evaluation period our customers can get the proof that they need, that this system is the right system for them.



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