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Celebrate with us! Welcome to SupportWindow! Our new home is up and running. To celebrate, we're offering a 6 month free "Starter" subscription with registration of a Console. We will be adding more site features and documents in the near future, so check back frequently.

SupportWindow is the perfect solution for those who need to access their home PC from work or while on the road. Fast, safe and affordable with an easy to use interface and blazing fast performance, SupportWindow has no peers! Take control of your PC remotely and work just like you were there, run applications, check e-mail, transfer files, it's all at your fingertips. Take your office computer on the road with you. How many times have you needed that one piece of information or file? SupportWindow gives you full control over the remote PC with 256-bit strong encryption that is enabled by default so you can be secure at all times. The SupportWindow interface gives you complete remote desktop control, a file transfer interface that is lightning fast and a real time chat module. Need to access that PC from many different locations? That's ok. SupportWindow only requires you to register the server module, you can install the client software on as many PCs as you wish at no additional charge!





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