Instructions for retrieving your special offer subscription:

When you register a Console unit during the celebration period it comes with a Free 6 month "Starter" subscription. There is no obligation of any kind to renew and you do not have to do anything in addition to the registration. If you wish, you can upgrade the "Starter" subscription to any other level or extend it or let it expire at your option.

To install your subscription after you register your Console- From within the running Console, Select the Setup/Licensing/Subscriptions Option. A dialog box will open which lists all the available subscription offerings.
Select the "Starter- 3 unique hosts per day" option and then press the "Activate" button. If your registration has been processed your subscription should be retrieved from our server automatically, you will get a message telling you it was not found if your registration hasn't been processed yet. If you completed your registration and the subscription is not available, contact us immediately so we can help. The subscription must be retrieved within a few hours of registration or you will not be able to retrieve it at all. In that event again, contact us.
Next click the "OK" button on the subscriptions dialog box and your subscription is complete. You will see your active subscription in the center display panel of the SupportWindow Console.