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Bytewiser Data Systems now offers services to home users

Bytewiser Data Systems has always been a business to business company. While this is still true we recognize that some home users have need of more professional help than they can typically receive through the normal channels open to them. In order to help meet this need we will now provide a subset of our business services to the home user. If you are a home user that understands the difference between business critical services and normal consumer services and you're tired of the run around getting your PC fixed you may now call us. Please keep in mind that we are not a store. We do not sell any parts or software other than what is required in the course of our repair services. Please read the following:

Rules for Home Customers

  • We do not sell parts and we don't know where you can buy them!
  • We do not sell any software that we don't also install!
  • We do not accept walk-in customers. You MUST call before bringing anything in.
  • With few exceptions we do not make service calls to residences.
  • If you do not understand the difference between business class service and
    consumer class service please don't call us.
  • Please don't get mad if we tell you we're too busy to help you now. Our business
    customers always come first.
  • We really DO like to help people so if you need help and we haven't
    scared you off yet, please give us a call.

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