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Equss Channel Partner Bytewiser Data Systems is now partnered with Equus Computer Systems, the largest builder of computers that are sold directly through IT service providers. To visit our online Notebook Store now, Click Here. NOTE: This is not an ecommerce site. After you place an order we will contact you regarding payment before your order is processed. To find out more about why we think this is a great option for our customers read more below.

For years we have supported our customer's laptop needs by referring them to third party vendors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo. The fact is all these companies make an array of good laptops and some real stinkers. They all have a dizzying array of models that appeal to every segment of the laptop buying community. But we're primarily a service company and the thing that all these companies failed at, was providing the kind of product support that our customers require. When we were asked to help our customers to negotiate service from these companies it was always a nightmarish egg hunt to find the right service point that could handle the request for that particular machine and also one that was close that we could get it to fast. Service point mail ins are not typically an option when business critical machines are down, time is just too important a factor. The frustration of not having a first class option to provide our customers regarding laptops led us to investigating all options and our partnership with Equus is the result of that search. Equus does not try to be all things to all people. They specialize in computers for business where solid technology, not fashion, is king. Before we entered into this partnership we had the opportunity to tour their west coast manufacturing facility in Pomona. It was obvious while talking with the managers and staff what great care and pride they take in the products they build. And most important of all, they're service center is in the same facility so that we can reliably act as the service depot for our customer's warranty and post warranty issues. When you couple what we believe is one of the best laptops for business on the market with the convenience of in house support we think this option is a clear winner for our customers.

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