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When we get asked a question often enough, it may end up here

Q: [What is Malware]
A: [Malware is a generic term to describe any type of malicious or unwanted software that installs itself on your computer without your express and understanding approval. All varieties of Viruses, adware and other trash ware that infest your computer are included within this term. We use it very often.]

Q: [Why is my (or my employee's) computer always getting infected with Malware?]
A: [You are the problem. We've seen enough and have enough experience with this to tell you emphatically that you are the problem. This will not get better or go away until you educate yourself on safe web browsing and email practices and actually do it. Anti virus software and anti malware software is there to help, but you as the user are the first line of defense. If you abdicate that responsibility then no software will help you.]

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