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When disaster strikes you really do need a team of professionals on your side. Your data is lost and your company is in serious jeopardy, if not shut down all together.

Hard Drive BurningDisaster happens fast. One day your business is humming along and then suddenly critical services stop! The reasons can vary greatly, but what is for certain is that if this happens to your business, you will need seasoned professionals to take charge of your disaster recovery effort that will take your problem and your data seriously. Fortunately, most of these problems are fixable if addressed correctly from the beginning. Sadly however, over the years we have witnessed countless times the tragedy that occurs when inexperienced people take the wrong steps and end up in a situation from which no recovery is possible. In most cases the very best thing a person can do for themselves when a disaster strikes is to do nothing at all and call a professional that is equipped to deal with the situation. And deal with it in a way that keeps the problem from growing.

What we do when you call
First we have a conversation about the type of disaster you're experiencing. It is often very difficult or impossible for the average person to know just how serious their problem is or what is causing it, so we'll ask a few questions. Based on this information we'll determine just how critical the situation is and what our next step should be. If this is an instance where data loss has occurred or is imminent, we will help guide you on the steps you should take to mitigate further damage. We will do this over the phone and free of charge even if you are not our customer yet. We are partnered with some of the very best data recovery experts in Southern California so if it comes to that, you will be in good hands.

Of course not all disasters involve data loss, in fact most don't. Disaster recovery comes in many flavors. More often networked systems are stopped due to things like network device failures, server operating system failures, server hardware failures or Internet connection failures. We can quickly diagnose these types of issues and get you back up and running.

If this sounds like something you need please call us at 909-985-1149 and tell us you're having an emergency. Do it now.

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